...nice recordin' o' th'sonix, with tim barnes percussion in tow, o' a concert for th'memory o'stan brakhage, filmist'n artition o' this parish given a coupla years back...released on their own label, home o' goodly grist, it starts out kinda quiet as if it might be some geeky new age jive but that fear is soon dispelled'n despatched as it start th'journey into some hotcha NO-Wave clang that coulda been a meetin' o' teenage jesus'n amon duul riffin' on a bongo lick into some krautrock spaceways blare...tinklin'n clunklin' bells'n bits get hit in kinda invokin' way tryin' to summon up th'wonderin' spirit o' mankind or at least stan (he probably was there at th'bar diggin' th'scene)...a meanderin' velvets pulsebeat comes in'n out'n some mad guitar tones get splayed into th'audience, coverin' 'em with bleatin'n blingin's o' mind-rain(th'audience're arty/geek mob with polite applause'n not some 'jump around by th'numbers' alternative gorms'n norms) with most 'youth noise it bring back vibes'n grooves from th'last 40 years o'psych-acid/avant/free-jazz with some authority'n a good deal o' authenticity...more tinklin'n snorkin'n kim gives out with some otherly wailin''more th'journey continues th'more it seems like a pile up o' QMS 'who do ya love' jam with some 1970 live floyd'n drum'n space jams from th'dead(also there's definite nods to th'dead concept o' recordin' heavy air which they spoke o' enthusiastically once upon a tyme)...any layabouts who've written off th'sonix as past th'sell-by date might wish to re-evluate that position cos this really is some primo scrunch worthy o' their name...


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