...due to th'tirein'schedule th'combo were puttin' in with th'TV show, th'non stop rounds o' publicity th'cats were forced to do to keep th'aforementioned TV show in front o' th'teen consciousness th'fifth biscuit from th'pre-fab4 does have a coupla wack tunes that really shoulda been clipped at th'quality control phase but such things didn't really matter to th'all mighty bean counters at th'record co. when th'all consumin' need to grab bread was upmost o' importance...havin'said that there is some nice psychpop'n a bit o' hep freaky excursion to counter balance any yawns that might crop up, though any'n all monkee aficionados know th'ancient art o' article preferred listenin'...all th'rock snobs 'n normal media squares were still gettin' on their case with unqualified tattle about th' group not playin' on th' disks, as if they were th'only ones in th' pop stratosphere 'guilty' o' such a heinous crime, its suprisin th' platters any good at all...that kinda supercilious jive can ware a cat right down'n no mistake...


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