...pro wrestler makes halfway decent biskit th' headlines mighta said if'n anybody had noticed...knocked out in 'n afternoon this isa real chippa bag o' bluesy turn o' th' 70s hard rockin swill...one cut has a bit of early six oh horror rock which len'z a nice bit o'carny style to th'preceedinz...cats will have fun with some o'th' lyrix that're obviously heartfelt but come off onna real people level even tho this geeza is in showbiz...some riffs 're outright steals which is always th'pinacle o'aceness on second divo wax such as this 'n he gets real wig flippin into in his delivery a coupla times...nice cuttin fx geetar take it right to th' next level...proper soopadoopa addition to any rockin pile up o'tardo b-grade slop...


Blogger frumious bandersnatch said...

And Greg Sage, later of the Wipers, was the guitarist of this band...

Thanks a lot!!

11:53 AM  

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