...this is a totally grooved out piece o'freaked R&B if'n there ever was one, th'band are goin' for th'one from th'get go, pummelin' th'heavy skronk all th'way through without lettin' up(theres a drum solo that may be in need o' chemical assistance for some cats but otherwise its sandblasted psych-O-delic)...recorded at th'california hall in february 67,a coupla months before th'wig liftin'('n mersh)appearance at monterey,'n janis is a member, fully intergrated, not th'focal point with th'others her backin' band...if'n proof is still needed this late in time'n space that these cats were one full on acid screech its this disk, ruff'n ready with shards o'spliffed up noise bombardin' th'listner, feedback'n tambourines dancin' in th'electric voodoo stew, call'n response vocals shoutin' their way into eternal existance with some buzzin' amplifier hum vibein' up th'proceedin''disk winds down/up with a funky 'ball'n chain' snakin' its way into th'audience settin' minds free for all time, once any doubtin' cat gets a lobeful o' this there's no turnin' back to th'squaresville,lifelines to groovetown are grabbed'n yesterday didn't ever start...


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