...west coast heads will remember these fab4-folk-rockers as basically bein' formed for a permanent combo to record th'masses o' tunes comin' from hep&now songsmiths sloan/barri who were knockin' out plenty o'byrds/bob anthems since th'demise o' surfin/hotrod craze...comes off as a real tasty folk-mersey explosion produced by maybe phil spector if'n he'd drop some acid'n calm down apiece...uptempo affirmative vibes spill outta this wax'n its got great studio-psych-fx on a coupla trx'n thats always welcome with these late six-oh platters...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like Byrds/Dylan inspired folk-rock with strong hooks and urgent harmonies then this'll sound like a bunch of hits and near-hits one after the other. Chock full of fine Barri/Sloan songs and production knowhow that give the album a consistent feel with hardly a flat spot. I played it a lot when I discovered it in the 70s, and many times since. A high point of late 60s LA pop.

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