...these yanquee teens were to be found down south america way durin' th'garage explosion o' th' mid sixties, livin' in colombia as sons o'th'military complex who were busy makin' things safe for amerikkkan interests (cocaine peddlin'/anti commie shenanigans),'n they got to put out two LPS in 66/7 that're chocka full o' groovy covers 'n a way this is a cool roundup o' th' times with stones covers/ventures style instros done in a sloppy way/folk rock/garage r&b, all styles that were runnin' outta date with th'new psychedelic gimmicks comin' in to push th'garage punk swill into th'dumper...(cats must dig trk two with its totally hep teen take on th'elevators vibe, its a gassss)...if'n this combo had been back on their home turf they coulda made th'transision to acid rock heads but bein' away from th'world it weren't to happ'n that way...


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