...there do come times when checkin' out th'deads dark star jammin' for th'zillioneth time just dont press th'right button'n sometimes diggin' amon duuls bongos to eternity groove needs to rest for a few moments...its these times when all beatnix need to slip those sandles on'n get a movin' to new pastures where th'unfamiliar can work some magic...this wax from bygone daze will fit th'bill certainly cos this is genuine groovin' in space'n time, into th'void where it all goes in'n dont have to come out...its one o'those 'worthy' other culture documents that were 'popular' with liberal types from th'thirties onward with books 'n records comin' out showin' folks not from th'whitebread dominant culture...alan lomax took his tape machine down to mississippi to get close to th'blues'n some cats scored some patronage moolah to go further afield like africa'n th'east'n th'cat who got this on tape was gordon wasson, a professorial type who went down mexico way to dig th'wiggy scene goin' down with th'mazatec indians who were groovin' real strong behind a bowlful o'mushrooms'n gettin' down with astral travellin'...layabouts with a penchant to spend th'afternoon in a recreational way might wanna kick th'gong around'n spin this a coupla times'n see what happens...from 1956 to NOW aint so far when th'right apparatus is used for th'journey... totally buzzin' wiggout that at certain points on th'temporal line will act as th'transporter to a better way...a bit scratchy in places where flipped-out types have tried to put th'neddle down while in other dimensions so this wax had a beatnik heritage that will enhance th'passage way to th'inner world...


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