...great bin liners o' pogo madness all stapled together to present enough eater for any layabout in need o' some '77 style thud'n twang...these cats were real teenagers durin' th'punk explosion o' 76/7'n this got them some derisive remarks from some o' th'older brigade who were pub rockers/hippys with haircuts(clash come to mind), basically jealousy o' youth from 22 year olds(weird)...what is so cool about list'nin' to 28 eater tunes one after th'other is th'riffs they've purloined make a cat remember plenty other long gone combos/disks...yep indeed, eater were no strangers to spottin' a groovy riff'n appropriatin' for their own use'n they knew which ones to covers o' bowie/t.rex/velvets break up th'pogo with some glam splattage...


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