...marvellous pile up o'chancers all puttin' th'rocknroll stomp on some hotcha glam riffs stolen from bowie/bolan/glitter plus lookin' back to some yanquee vox pumpin' from th'garages o'66...this biscuit is 100% thud pop from th'strange years in th'early seventies when proggy nit-wits tried to peddle worn out classical fairy tales as th'newest thing for th'kids, when limp wristed 'sensitive' bards serenaded young couples with bad poetry...thud pop that was immediately kickin' in givin' that all important rockin' rush thats so needed for survival in th'square world...theres a few names poppin' up here that would get a lift up with punk, jesse hector crops up in 3 different guises/knox from th'vibrators is shakin his thang/only one peter perret darts in from 73'n th'forward thinkin' hopefuls th'hollywood brats are sick on you...glam bein th'era o' th'record producer(what era isnt when big bizniz gets a handle)theres some powerful bouncin' noise goin on thats more addictive than crack'n better for th'soul, some good ol'rockinroll from start to finish(then start again)...other groovy names present're th'jook/jet with andy from johns children/flintlock who had a programme for kids on teevee back in th'day/milk'n cookies from NYC/'n somehow ducks deluxe get a look in plus many other long gone star satin looners, all o'whom knew how to kick out th'glam-jams when most had given'title comes from talcy malcys agency that (mis)handled sex pistol exploits in th'mad jubilee year o'77 that all this secret teenage noise led up to...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I was about to give up on working out how your blog works when I figured it out :-) Thanks very much for these first great sounds of yours - I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of your site!

11:05 AM  

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