...this first solo outtin' from 1970 is just about perfect with no rubbish filler...every track is stacked up with a right on positiveness temper'd with reality...some o' that realism/realistic outlook may seem outta date 'n somewhat cornball hokey in todays world where fakes'n cats on th'make obscure th' big picture(just th' way th' downpresser man likes it-get others to do th'dirty work keepin' right thinkin' folks messed up'n from gettin' a handle on things)but this is still mighty truthful business o' th' first order...one o' th' outstandin' wax from any decade 'n certainly better than whats creepin' thru th'ether these daze...just th' right soundtrk foran afternoons coolin' out keepin' an eye on th' situation...move on up 'n take nothin' less...


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