...much like fellow el-aliens steppenwolfs '... birthday party' elpee this forth effort came under attack by rock snobs 'n layabouts' concensus was 'n continued to be that this was th' combo driftin, unsure o' th' direction they wanted to go in...truth is that cos o' all th' madness around them 'n all across th' land they decided they'd turn themselves into a psychodelik loungejazz outfit 'n play bars along th' desert freeways 'n sleepy hollows all over th' psychic landscapes o' th' vietnamgeneration...playin musics from various parts o' th' spectrum they become th' eclectic jukebox for th' zapcomix hippee hords awaitin th' beckonin call from unkkkle sam to help keep th' world safe for' title trk is a way cool 'n hep groove o' beatpoetics that stands higher on th' flipcity measurin stick than their more famous toons...cats who been payin attention th' past four decades will detect a few welcome changes 'n differences with this version 'n a few xtra trx thrown much better than th' hype has led many to believe for far too long, its more proof o' th' xpandin net bein cast by th' basement tapes...


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