...jaxdafax: these stoned beatnix hung out in berkeley 'n not ol' frisco, 'n preferred workin' with hippie chet to wheeladeela bill ... put out independent e.p long before any fool with th' scratch would do this... after some major record cos. got wind o' th' new sound from th' 7hills they got picked up in th' ensuein west coast hippie gimmik feeding frenzy... they came as part o' a deal includin miller 'n th' quicks, though th' river copped for a much smaller advance... not even out o' th traps 'n they’re gettin shafted... made fantastic 1st wax/ got bad reviews (usually a plus when squares are at th' typewriter)... hung with th' digger collective and poet richard brautigan who made an appearance on th' 2nd platta... their sound encompasses folk, country, acid, beat poetry 'n jazz plus anythin that fit at th' time...


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