Thursday randy was kinda like an updated freak out era frank zappa,with vicious humour hittin' out at nearly everythin',heavy sarcastic barbs skewered into th'very fabric o' los angeles life,with a special hatred aimed at th'pig who were doin' their upmost to quell th'burgeonin' punk crowd...'pass th'dust' was th'only full length wax put out on th'short lived incredible dangerhouse records in late '79(bein' co-owner mighta helped)'n its full o' short,sharp funky revue style tunes with some avant touches here'n there with randy soundin' a bit like david peel(have a marijuana)on an amphetamine jag...numbers about sleepin' in arcades/idi amin/narks/laundromats/sperm banks plus anythin' to do with th'messed up life he was livin',needles'n too much alcohol,a great version o' 'shaft' has to be heard to get a full understandin' o' th'workins o' randys thought patterns...dig th'cheapo-cheapo organ sound that fits right in with th'overall sleezy grooves th'metro squad're layin' down(th'squad was made up o' th'cream o' LA punks on sabatical from their own combos such as th'eyes/randoms)all played with a tight but loose o' th'lost voices o' th'punk revolution,though by no means is randy any way near a punk in th'accepted commercial sense(like zappa before him),he deserves his place in underground history more than most...


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