...sly had always been a bit o' an achiever though mostly in a small, local frisco way until he blew up in 68'n went outta-national with his hit groove 'dance to th'music' then his achievin' stretched across th'planet, both underground'n with th'normal citizens...with this '69 offerin' he went for'n scored a totally right-on positive vibe that spoke th'truth, told it like it was with some incredibly tight funky playin' enhanced by primitive rhythm box under real drums, some kinda wha-wah screachin' talk box as well as th'usual array o''whole combo're totally ON-IT'n goin' for th' moment be it in a party funk way or in a laid back hazy afternoon just groovin',goin'with th'flow...bass is boomin', horns blazin',keys pumpin'n guitars scratch'n twangin' through fx' lyrics tell th'list'ner they must think for themselves'n not let th'MAN grind a good cat down, achievin' is achievable...a cats gotta take a stand against th'system'n th'paranoia that system fosters, know th'truth lives'n dies in th'streets not in official organs o'th'media(teevee/cops/advertisin')' next LP, 'riot' told a different story as sly fell into th'abyss that somehow grew up around him with sinister characters dealin' in sinisterism, government drugs had entered th'san francisco psychedelic dream...


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