...this is a full on nice'n funky 3disk look at vans rockin' from th'first recordin' session with them in summer 64 right up to some stuff recorded in 75 takin' in along th'way publishin demos from summer 68/69/70 which themselves take up a good disk'n half...from vans early no holds barred barrelhouse shoutin' back in his days with th'cats round th'way in hometown belfast to his more mellowed mystic hippy groovin' in NYC'n marin county cowboy moves its a total buzz...rhythm'n blooz/blue eyed soul'n jazzy poetics all mingled up in ancient celtic vibrations that found th'right times to flow into th'mystic'n on thru th'great beyond...this is van gettin' his ideas together, moldin' th'sounds he hears inside him into a cosmic jazz folk boogie that just keeps on rollin' along...all cats with even just passin' interest in van th'man gonna dig this prime era grist, its proper cool'n more importantly it'll rock any layabouts gypsy soul...


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wow thanks for the van

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