...cats who dig th' r'n'b idiom o' long ago daze 're gonna know these first 'n second plattas is a top xample o' what was happnin in clubs up 'n down th' land in merrie olde in th' mid six ohs...mainly 'nthoo-see-astik covers is th' order o' th' day 'n this combo had a cool bash at th' groove 'n suceeded a lot o' th' time in makin a good sound that bought them some early success in th' hit parade...


Blogger Jack said...

Fantastic, Awesome Thank You very much. I have in vinyle be great to hear again. Their is also a Autum 66 that is excellent.

Thank you again

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great share again!!!!!
Thank you very much



2:00 PM  
Anonymous db said...

Corr both the first and second LPs here. I'm sure I got the second one in the garage somewhere. Nevermind it's late now, so I shall pop back in the mornin' and d/l these goodies.

3:29 PM  

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