...there come times when a cats gotta alter their whole thinkin when it comes to th' psychodelik lucynation generation 'n its so called wild sounds that was thought to be a communist plot when really it was mostly just some squares sellin some product...thats where this biskit takes up its life, a few studio cats(felix pappalardi/dave bromberg/rusty evans) makin a coupla bux pretendin to be some farout hippee groovers 'n prove to be better than th' real thang(whoever that might be now that everythin is so mixed up, who are th' cubes 'n who're th' weirded out heads)'n there they come on like a collision o' early electricdylan meets zappas freakout 'n then they turn in a folkpoponacid toon 'n then its all soundin like some stoned trance eastern jam onna wayout with all hep 60s waxins theres studio manipulation 'n stereo pannin makin it all wiggy...real or hype/hype or real, th' whole deal is liable to melt perception o' what is fake 'n what is real, is fake itself real, can th' real be faked or is it all just a bizniz shuck, sometimes a winner sometimes a binner but this fake sure isza winner 'n thats reality...


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