...more out there grooves from th' ever wonderful 'n hep thinkin ESPDisk via this euroboot which sounds like it was dubbed from a used wax but it kinda adds to list'nin with it bein a more direct beam to those times o' counterculturalness backaways...if'n patty waters hung at avant cafes then erica was more at home in th' beatnik joints that were visited by passin parisian style layabouts with an eye for somethin happ'nin...beatnik folk wailin with freejazz sitar jams make for this bein a real sixoh biskit that was overlooked 'n forgotten as soon as it was put out for hippee consumption...way more relevant to th' state o' th' planet in 68, with riots 'n general unrest burnin up minds aswell as cities than any number o' 'monster acid wax' that get th' thumbs up from some cats not too clued in...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how I can download ?

8:50 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

run th' cursor over th' txt, take it from there...

1:10 PM  
Anonymous christian said...

hi, just now discovered this wonderful blog and see that you posted the last fifty foot hose album but now it's missed could you repost it thanx!

12:10 AM  
Anonymous ligansai said...

nice going spaced,
hi's and ho's from athens,greece
yeah you know..the ol' temple thang

6:57 AM  
Blogger BlackCatBone said...

how I can download ?

could you repost ?


5:22 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

all fixed fired up 'n ready to go my friend...

4:10 AM  

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