...summer75 'n th'runaways(joan/sandy/mikki) along with kari krome'n kim fowley get some time at gold star studio'n tape some tunes...self penned 'n some cool covers're laid down'n th' resultant efforts have been released many times over th' years both on cassette'n wax'n latterly a few times on boot'd coasters...ruff'n ready production/reproduction give th' required hazy view on this now distant time'n place...clunky playin' maybe more in evidence than th' participants may wish to remember but these teens give a good account o' themselves'n certainly show they knew what they wanted if'n it was a more hard rock sound than glam...some gal group pop noise surfaces under th'murk showin' some roots further removed than th'pablum that was on FM as well as AM radio...watch out suzi q. th'futures leakin' through from unsuspected places...


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