Sunday' late 50s 'n onward sees th' duke goin outernational in a big way 'n th' wax in question here was recorded at th' antibes festival ( a right sophisto hangout), france in july' always th' duke is friendly with his audience 'n jokin about his favorite orchestra catz...first trk is almost an avant-ethno-prog groove 'n well worth th' price o' admittance on its own...heads not hip to dukes latter recordins cant go too wrong with this slice cos although not necessarily th' most inventive it does have a coupla long pieces where the catz get to blow, 'n they mix up th' sauce all th'way thru 'n it certainly gives a good 'n chippa earfull o' th' dukes vibe...


Anonymous vox1d said...

Wow! What a range of styles on your blog. Great Site! Love the hidden links, Respect! This link has been languishing at a few months? Could you update the link and give some respect to The Duke. Soldier on and Keep up the madness!

1:18 PM  

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