Friday'first long player from th'syndicate starts as it means to go on with a crashin' guitar'n backin' thuds all slightly distorted as if seen through a gauze, a haze o'chemical indulgence for th'new psychedelic generation that was makin' itself felt in certain hep burgs around th'head'syndicate were part o' th'L.A paisley underground but stood apart due to th'ferocity o' their art attack(green on reds first E.P is about th'only thing that comes near th'original noise generated by th'syndicate), most o' th'paisley combos didn't really have too much goin' for them after their first forays, th'rain parade disks got blander with each effort,(their first showed much promise as well),3 o'clock went downhill after th'first E.P(their disk as th'salvation army is an amazin' blast o' psyched out pop punk that stands alone even to this day)...this wax combined velvets up-tempo trance thuds with buzzin' guitar noise post (early CBGB)television style with a strange joy division vibe replacin' th'buffalo springfield sounds they had when they got started, an unlikely meetin' o' manchester gothic punk'n sunny california, this in itself was more signs th'world becomin' smaller by th'day, influences flowin' more free'n easy than in th'past, remoldin' instead o' copyin' which had happen'd a decade/two decades earlier'n on a smaller more roots underground level than before fuelled by independent records'n th'wide spread o' fanzines(th'mainly end result unfortunately o' this flowin' o'influences has been th'increasin' hermogenity o' rockroll noise from local underground combos to corporate lackies)...liberal use o' feedback'n dronin' throw up more visions o' prime era velvets that sit real cozy in th'timeline o' essential urban-drug-avant-noise which after th'syndicate started havin' personel problems'n releasin' whack wax was taken up by th'JAMC in glasgow in 83...kendra smith does her best to get her groove on with a cross between nico'n marianne faithful but unfortunately shes only allowed to sing one tune(future personel problem bubblin' right there)...proof o' th'greatness o'this wax is easy to manifest by playin' this'n th'first television disk back2back, they both flow into one another without a hitch, just a seamless progression...dig th'bo diddley meets th'velvets meets th'great society on th'title trk, this alone is worth th'price o' admission, perfect symetry is obtained thru th'modal choogle drone...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw them in the 70s at the marquee and they were great downloading this saved me getting the vinyl out the loft. len

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