...despite th' completely bonkers temporal shifts th' artwork for this spacey stew is really no worse than could be expected 'n th' tasty skyreachin jams inside are just whats needed for th' sofa trip...
...mickey hart (drums)/jerry garcia (guitar)/jack casady (bass)/elvin bishop (guitar) october 30/spencer dryden and david getz (drums) december 16 perform as mickey and the hartbeats at th' san francisco coffee bar/night club th'matrix on seven dates in october / december 1968...
...on this double coaster presented for all interested parties delectation th' first disc is th' october 30 bash 'n th' second comes from th' last ever date of these jams december16...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx a lot!!
(will try to get 'em in the next days because i'll be away for some days from tomorrow
hope rapidshare will keep them for 6 days ;-)

1:02 PM  
Blogger ZubZub said...

fuh...beautiful man, beautiful.

11:22 PM  

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