...cats who dig th'vibe that come off wax like chad'n jeremys cabbages LP/nirvana swingin' london efforts/van dyke parks first/pepper/firesign theatre early go rounds will get a massive floaty groove on with this lost biscuit from around '67 time by th'boylan brothers, john'n terry who later went onto do stuff for th'asylum label that weren't always that necessary but this is a way different kettle o' gumbo...mixin' up sound fx collage with sunshine pop harpers bizarre'n plenty o' stoned humor this is one piece from th'psychedelic tapestry that needs to be heard by all heads that get flipped with channel pannin' stereo wig outs...great for late night bong hits when mellow'n groovy hang out lazily on th'worn'n torn carpet...


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