...real nice peep at th' underground scene o' th' plastics whose secret 'n low profile gigs helped hold th' various outlawed cats together in prague 'n other locales under th' thumb o' bad vibes...its live action all th' way with glimpses from 69/72 'n shows a wide range o' psychodelik influences...comin on like xperimental ballroom trippers some o' th' time, th' orkustra could come to mind while diggin this, then groovin spaceways with nods to hawkwind 'n sun ra...some ol' beat group rockin 'n a bit o' folk strummin help widen th' pallette 'n make for a good dont flow in a chronological style but its fairly easy ('n fun) to work out th' order o' th' years...all in all its not as avant soundin as they would later become but a necessary item in th' fight against th' perpetrators o' bad karma 'n general ungrooviness...dig a scene that was a deal realer than real...


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