...this second wax from th'mighty stackwaddy proved once'n for all that these cats were kings o' th'slag heap when it come to layin' down th'mutatin' fried over boogie...from th'first tune its obvious these layabouts been sniffin' from th'cauldren filled with voodoo swamp gas'n washin' it down with warm boddingtons ale, until th'mix is complete'n th'stackwaddy sweaty R&B trance groove is ready to roll...this whole shebang is recorded live with amps squeelin'n ringin', tape hissin'n cats talkin' in th'background...basement level (non)production gives this th'authenticity needed to carry th'heavy back alley vibes, th'messy swill that was th'waddy...beered up aggression poundin' its way to freedom, breakin' on thru to other side, escapin' th'social gravity thats holds a lotta true cats o' th'best ever blooz rock combos because this is from th'heart, they're playin' this music cause its th'only way they know, its not note perfect true to th'original art'n its that non adherence to authenticity that makes them that very thing, authentic,'n authentic enough to play maxwell street in chicago back in th'day'n see th'local cats know this is th'real deal(T-model ford would give this th'thumbs up if'n he'd ever cop 'n earful)...these layabouts make th'edgar broughton crew look like nice middle class boys, maybe jesse hectors crushed butler came near to emulatin' th'waddy way with their dirty R&B jams, but not too many others...over 40minits o'top class swill oozin' its way into th'consciousness o' any cats willin' to see th'light'n know th'waddy coulda been contenders...


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