...givin th'cover a peep 'n its real evident that th' suits at record co. central now (late 69)had little faith in th' once mighty cash cow that was doin' such good business over in th'fantasyland known as monkeeville...that drawin' is whackadoodle jack 'n that cant be denied, also puttin' their names on was real bizarro-world, as if th' kids needed to be reminded,would th'teens forget so soon(probably, but that aint th'question really),th'bean counters couldn't take th'risk so th'names hadda be always with artist versus commerce its th' leaches at th'company need to be reminded who paid their unearned bonus th' last coupla years'n thats th' straight up truth, aint no mistake jake...anyhow th'grist on th'wax is more than spiffin' with th'band gettin' down with some adventurous pop,with every stripe bein' toted; country, off kilter showbiz, psychcroonin'n some sneaky hip lyrics comin' through th'backdoor abound...last LP with mike'n extra yardage added with some cool bonus tracks make this more than groovy 'n way better than some supercilious taste makers put forth...this is real sweet so give th' ears a treat...


Anonymous Pants Elk said...

Love your blog. Always surprising.

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