...little did bomp magazine'n kim fowley know when they placed that advert in summer'74 th'eventual combo that was formed would have their career take off 'n dovetail into th'nascent punk underground explosion that was eruptin' in different parts o'th'western'runaways first'n decidedly best LP took suzi q. vocal attack,t.rex riffs/slade thud/iggy-sleeze/left-over glam swill/sweet(live) heavy rock slop 'n molded th'seperate parts into a not necessarily new version o' rockin', but an urgent 'street-level' sound with a quaalude haze smeered all over...they may have been teenagers but th'stoned weariness is already present due to th' massive drug overdose th'amerikkkan kids were goin through due in no small part to growin' up with war images'n draft card madness that was creepin' thru all stratas o' TeeVeeLand by th'early 70's when boogie rock grabbed ahold to help keep th'wasted youth vaguely awake if not fully'semi claustrophobic production helps give this an underground feel that goes with th'gutter/drug/nightlife lyrics nicely...seventies subterranean worlds o' sleezed out junkies on angel dust livin' th'dangerous back alley existance come into bein''stoned denizens o' rodneys english disco on th' sunset strip populate th' grooves totterin' about on their platform boots tryin' to stay upright through th' course o'any given tune...cats who dig teen exploitation movies from th'prime era o'such flix, th' 50/60s will really cop a buzz off th'last trk with its bad attitude/low rent subject matter(but real enough for layabouts o' all description who live in th'pig terror zone that is th'city o' th'angels)...very cool wax that benefits from listenin' in th'same frame o' mind as th'original satin'n silk hollywood wasters...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have not heard this since the 70s still sounds cool. len

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