...th'first three trx represent th'avengers first single 'n for all intents 'n purposes what their reputation is built on...arrivin' on th'nascent frisco punk scene in '77 they blew th'left over earth shoe hippys into yesterday with their incendiary performance...lyrics o' self assertiveness'n reliance showed they belong'd to no tribe old or new but were free thinkers on th' dawn o' tomorrow with something to say...there's a coupla cool 60's tunes to show they knew there was music before them, that th''punk year zero' line was just fascism under a fake guise...scored an openin' slot on what came to be th'sex pistols last show(lets not get hung up with reformations)'n things were lookin' good but what happens to most frisco combos down th' years happen'd to them, they were overtaken by record co. shenanigans 'n th'moment was lost,th'hype known as 'new wave' took over in th' public imagination'n wallets 'n th'avengers called it a day sometime in 79...vocalist/writer penelope houston carved out a workman like career as a folkie 'n knocked out some nice disks but they weren't a patch on th'noise goin' down on this disk which is a pile up o' th' trx they did manage to get out to a disinterested public...a proper nice blast o' tremendous punkoroonee racket,its been booted many times since its appearance back in th' early 80s 'n th' legend o' th'mighty avengers has survived 'n grown so much so they got together some years back to once again to rock th'nation 'n show how its done...


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