...when givin' a go with ron a cats gotta get well in th'zone so a pipe may come in handy for suspendin' belief in th'possible'n groovin' with th'reality o' absurdity, th'only way to be to get anywhere near whats on offer with this early seventies disk released on rons own label...this takin' control o' his output may have been a good thing cos ain't no way a capitalist square organisation gonna get 1% understandin' o' whats goin' down with these stories'n musical knick-nax o' high order weirdity...considerin' ron was chums with th'floyd its a wonder why his immense dream power never really rubbed off on those architects o' normality but such concerns're not relevant here...cats who dig ivor cutler/goons/musical tomfoolery will get a blast with this, its a forgone conclusion...


Blogger Moses said...


I have been looking for this for ages!!

And thank you for continuing to make available the very weirdest and best! You demonstrate impeccable taste in all your offerings. And I, for one, dig it. THANKS!!!

9:57 PM  

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