...elvis had just about fallen off any radar o'culture when 68 rolled around,when th'planet exploded in righteous anger as freedom fighters,students,workers,unemployed,rabble rousers went up against th'oppressor'n came close to winnin in a coupla places but th'status quo prevailed by holdin out some token trinkets'n clubbin cats senseless when th'opportunity arose(99%o' th'time)'king was makin movies for a non existant audience,an audience that just faded as th'kings presence became thinner than mountain air, drive ins all over th'southlands just couldn't remember who this elvis was,didn't he make records or somethang?hes not th'beatles is he?were th'type o'question bein asked by th'great unwashed who'd moved on to other delites o' distraction...elvis knew he was losin contact with reality at this point,he knew th'audience has gone elsewhere,times themselves had gone elsewhere with vietnam claimin untold lives,kids strung out on bad drugs'n generally lost in a consumer haze o'fake psychedelia supplied by th'music about this time dylan was gettin back to a simpler way o' doin thangs ina back to basics post-drug folk fashion only this folk weren't 60s protest or trad.folk still popular amongst a few die hards(no acid rock please we're weirdbeard folkers),th'fabs were startin to get back with th'white album',stones would get in on th'scene with 'beggars', it was time for elvis to get WITH IT, now or never he thought,it was time to COMEBACK cos in some ways it was still th'50s for him,he'd been kidnapped by hollywood in 57'n since that time it was all celluloid as th'gigs diminished'n th'army came in to help calm th'whirlwind he'd created in society,he'd upset th'social strata'n he had to pay...over a few days in late june 68 he taped a teevee special where he sat around groovin with his combo'n threw a few jams down'n generally got th'memphis voodoo spirit to work in th'artificial stage'attitude o' john lee hooker pervades as th'continuous foot stomp/tambourine thwap rides th'groove as elvis pulls out some early toons'n gives a good natured run thru summonin th'rockroll guardians to deliver his message o''theres good rockin tonight'...this is four disks o' top flight king, elvis is groovin, even in th'fakest o' surroundins, with a script thats as hokey as only hollywood can be,th'king is relaxed(fairly)emanatin th'cool rockin gospel from way back on union avenue...this comeback worked too,allowin elvis to cut some o' his best ever sides in memphis over th'comin months, before he was put on th'concert treadmill by colonel tom who didn't dig this newly aware elvis, tom liked him docile'n reclusive away from fresh ideas that upset th'cashflow...


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