...roarin' outta th'mean streets'n back alley public houses o' manchester, this northern england blooz band kicked it like th'end o' th'world was happ'nin'...apocalyptic rent party scroungin' loud'n proud swill mongers whose only concerns were runnin' down th'voodoo for th'onlookin' hippys who sometimes got on th'receivin' end o' th'singers wrath if'n they didn't get in th'groove...stackwaddy took blowin' up a storm seriously, they had no time for cats who don't go th'full mile when it comes to rockin'...this first wax was out on th'dandelion label in 71'n its got plenty o' covers(includin van vliets 'sure nuff'n yes i do' that was very popular in albion underground circles)that get a thorough manglin' in bleetin' stackwaddy style...'roadrunner/rollin stone/bring it to jerome/suzie q' all great tunes get warm beer'n cheap wine poured over them'n smoked up in a ounce o' hash...robert johnson mayn't recognise this refried later version o' his beloved music but possibly someone like tommy mccllennan, th'whiskey headed cat might, he'd recognise that 'goin' for th'one', bowlin' over everything that gets in a cats way, keepin' th'festerin' choogle goin' for as long as possible...stackwaddy prowl th'lost highway lookin' for th'midnight bar with th'blindin' neon glow that burns for th'annointed ones, th'layabouts who dig a real funky portion o'backdoor R&B slops...


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