...not only is this a good account o' a small independent 60s record label its also a nice snapshot o' what was happ'nin' clubwise in ol'albion away from some o' th'elitist london town waterin' holes that required some sorta bank account to get in to sip overpriced under proofed scotch...mersey beat'n club pop soul rub shoulders with proto freakbeat thud...session musos get busy mixin' up some big beat pop hopin' to score that HIT sound...some yanquee style east coast blue eyed soul drop by to brighten up th'day with youthful chantin' lookin' to get th' kids dancin...some right-on soul shoutin' takes th'list'ner down to smokey dimly lit basements where everything is once removed from th' daily grind...its like list'nin to pirate radio(except better cos that was mostly in th'hands o' big companies peddlin' their wares)where th' whole thing comes on like a nightclub for outta town groovers...


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