...solid evidence thats these cats were pretty near th' pinnacle o' their version o' powerful acid' freak guitars twang 'n weave their way 'round th' tunes 'n pack one hep'n heavy punch that don't get lost in any unnecessary cats with 'n enquirin' mind can be in th'studio diggin' what this masterful galaxy blastin' acid duellin' combo were puttin' down in late time 67...they gotta a disk deal off th' back o' bein' at th' monterey fest earlier in th' year 'n this was th' big chance to make a solid mind fryin' start with th' first LP 'n they didn't disappoint...these tapes are four decades into their existance 'n show th' signs o' age with a ruff'n ready presence but th'sound is full 'n upfront 'n sure outweighs th'occasional defect...after a few listens it becomes trippy 'n brings 'n unxpected vibe to th' preceedin's...


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