...3rd elpee from these elay punksters dropped in early 67 just in time to cash in on th' 'mergin flower power craze that was hittin...xtremely cool sounds that really need th' ol' cans to get that xtra buzz...some punk snobs dont wanna deal with this one as its a bit off th' trax thats normally trodden by this combo what with th'sound o' xtra instuments in th' background that help give it that hep summer o' love vibration, but if'n a cat reads th' liner notes they'll see that any other sounds not 'manatin from th' group is purely in th' list'ners head, so that clears that up...great wax 'n still lots o' fun with skys up to th' minit flower poetry...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My band played a show with Sky Saxon back in '05, personable chap but definiteley a casualty.

9:36 AM  

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