...first off its gotta be consider'd that this is one correctly title'd LP,'TRIP/FLIP OUT/MEDITATION',completely true'n aint no cause for thinkin' otherwise, a three disk blowout o' wiggy weirdness thats just ready for heads to dig,'n dig mighty deep cos this is a trip to inner space with varyin' routes for all who wish to get a ticket,a one way trip that'll be different'n rewardin for th'faithful...a waxin everything a bonged head could wish for comes 'round'n takes leave only to return in different form with a buzz just as cool,tape manipulation, distorted glimpses o' long lost conversation,channel hoppin',phasin',spaced out knob-twiddlin' galore(cats diggin ron geesin will get th'rush)bongos'n heavy distortion takes th'list'ner to th'spaceways stoned cathedral which zwiestein inhabit,th'carnival o' mutant souls,maybe th'souls o' true earth dwellers,not th'vacuous shadowmen in th'ascendence ready to fall at any moment,this is a communion with a better groove,a more complete return to future past,a tribal reunion o' th'heads...mad scientist keyboard plink give a B-movie atmosphere with plenty o'wobbly phasin' liberally spread around,cinema verite grooves bring on childhood memories durin th'second disk as th'list'ner becomes a participent in th'flip-out,th'carnival vibes is accentuated with th'tommy james hit 'hanky panky' spreadin itself across th'speakers(cats o'a certain vintage will remember that bein' played at every fairground in th''freeworld')'third disk takes a train ride to th'garden o' eden,to th'beginnin where dream time merges with 'physical reality',where it all goes in but dosen't always come out,th'in-between times that cant be measured in know units(a heavy ESP-Disk groove happens here,bringin on visions o' th'godz'n givin outernational flesh to th'free-jazzbo grooves comin outta NYC basements'n lofts durin th'turbulent 60's)'carnival is once again risin' to take command,we're all freaks in th'freakshow,waitin' to be set free'n set us free it will,cos like th'best krautrock it came to liberate th'free thinkin cat from th'tyranny o' th'capitalist state,to elevate above th'mundane mind-control o' worker/drone acceptance,th'status quo was to be challenged in/by any means possible,th'baader-meinhof(th'greatest o' all k-rock combos without playin an advertised gig) were not just radical chic bank robbers,a bonnie'n clyde o' th'left,they were a tributary along which many followed,whether they knew or not...a wig-lifter o' no uncertain proportions,uncomfortable yet strangely familiar,an unravellin o' th'life strands that hold cats in gravity limbo...


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