...who'da thought that twenty five years down th'pike that this combo still be puttin out wax(not even countin th'myriad side projects)that had more than some kinda passin interest,if that, cos when a cat gets to thinkin whos list'nin with any serious intent to later date gear by anyone been in th'biz over two half decades?(zimmerman came back but only after he stopped list'nin to technology 'experts''n went back to basics with those 'basement tapes' style covers LPs in th'early nineties)...indeed th'youth once again jump into th'dune buggy'n head off for th'youngsian desert to commune with ancient rockroll spirits crazy horse'n th'peyote sage neil...they soak in th'desert vibes that time cant fade away'n then head on over for velvets town to pick up th'secret trance-thud that is only known to true beleivers...on th'way back to th'city they notice'n stop at a mom-pop shop'n grab a coupla hooks to hang th'new toons on, then stoppin at th'hardware store they pick a fresh mangle to feed their strings thru givin th'proceedins a nice hazy smear o' warm'resultin wax is then sprinkled with mild shoe-gazer gravy with echoes dropped in from a faraway floydian galaxy...late night list'nin when th'familiar key will unlock th'unknown door...


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