...fantastic bundle o'liveness from bostons real kids taken from shows in th'explosive garage underground years o' 76/78 when th'suburbs were rockin' once more...often get labelled as power pop by lazy 'johnny come lately' bozos but that shouldn't put rocknroll heads off cos this is rockin' with a capitol R,not limpo fab4 wannabees in skinny ties...layabouts who dig th'second MC5 wax'n prime era flamin groovies/dolls stonesian swagger'n nuggets punk will get a fried atomic buzz from these chippa soundin' excavations o' solid blastin' noise(dig th'inbetween chat to grab some true rockin' hepness,mentions o' eddie cochran/mitch ryder workin' in a car plant/teddy'n th'pandas,this is all underground history when these tunes were taped,not retro-namedroppin' as it would be in th'present 'play by numbers'era o' information conformity)...trx 1-9 come from a radio broadcast in may78'n th'rest go backwards in time takin' in 77 c.b.g.b'n th'last six toons come from their hometown hangout th'rat in 76...all in all 24 beer soaked amphetamine snortin leather jacket quakes o'rattlin vibrations straight from coolsville...


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