...any layabouts still rememberin' th'hep grooves o'acid rock/avant wirin' put out by these cats(cork marcheschi is th'main visionary here)will know that any biscuits by them will be worth checkin' 'n they wont be disappointed with this hep slab...bein' knocked out in th' mid 90s coulda led to disasterous beat driven/programmed laziness like so many older cats who come back 'n get mixed up in things that aint 'like it used to be in my day',put out gear thats no use to no one...this has got a total smearin' o' mid seven ohs kosmichemusik/hep euroavant goin' on strong 'n with this come a very nice joe byrd/u.s.a toppin' thats just squiggledee'n incredibly spaced out temporal unbalancin' comes on my-T fine as th' side moves on into stranger territory ...with all this flipcity distortion come a landscape that resembles nothin' less than a fiftees B movie full o' monsters both real 'n imaginary deep into alien black 'n white mystic graininess...more than once in amongst th' visions that appear before th' eyes a massive room shakin' power electronics blast issues forth 'n demands a chance to be heard ('n felt)...a coupla times, mostly on th' last trk th' ol' san francisco acid groove pops up(corks somehow also found th' link between 67acidrock 'n 76drugrock from cleveland such as pere ubu/mirrors/tin huey cos this plays as authentic time 'n place definer although neither are that in textural reality but is a perfect example in contextural reality...this is beamin' in from times/places/situations unknown 'n th' list'ner can only appreciate th' greatness o' this trip, th' importance o' this portal o' desirous escape to a land where smoked up bohemian layabouts sit 'n laugh at th' squaredadz goin' about doin' as they're told consumin' their own departure from a reality that is not o' their own makin',but is fast outpacin' th' ol' time tested idea/confidence trick o' hyper reality beloved o' desperate new wave sci-fi peddlers...a goodly waste o' 'an afternoons vibrations 'n indeed any time at all when th' adventurous move in secret circles o' insane belief...connection with th' void is assured 'n th' guarantees dont need to be written coz th' trip is on 'n goin...


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