...whether be th'case a cats seen th' flick or not it really makes no nevermind cos this chippa soundtrk makes for good list'nin' on its own 'n works as some kinda avant-collage acidhead thingamajig...when its put up along side so called serious acid rock,potent pysch slabs o' th'first order it stands above most'n that aint no fancy airhead blabber, no ironic statement based on nothin' more than alarmin'ly monstrous fabrication, these monkee cats'n their chums get plenty mileage from lettin' their imagination run free, dartin' hither'n thither with ideas o' liquid continuence...some nifty tunes, all top class extensions o' what originally made th' group such a buzzin' hit with open minds, minds ready to receive somethin' new, to get in th'wind with freeform nonsense (th'fact that most minds were teeny minds don't matter in th' least cos rock snobs'n pretentious hippy swill wished they could express themselves with such sneaky hip grooves that came outta th' idiot box when th'show was airin' back in' th'day)...soundbites pop up'n theres copious extra grist added to prolong th' extremely nice artifact from when freshness abounded on sunny days...


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