...MONO alert MONO alert...pipers has once more been issued with 'better'sound 'n this time as part o' a present givin package with th'mono given pride o'place 'n well it might be...back in th'day every cat would be wantin th'newly fandangled stereo groover 'n not th'ol dansette mono, that was yesterday'n that was a far away place in underground circles...times were movin in various directions'n so were th'walls in hippee hangouts like th'UFO in ol'london towne where floydian noise'n lights mix with substances from th' garden o' universal was natural to want th'disk to sound all encompassin 'n th' way to do it was thru two channels to meet a cats dual lobes, to be surrounded by hep sound from th' bein's o'' mono paints a different picture all together, not only instruments appearin that had been left out/faded from th'stereo shenanigans, but there is much more attack, approachin a'clean' version o' th' live happ'nin 'n some jazzy bit in trk5 gives off vibes toward left coast xperimental heads spirit, hense spannin th' ocean reachin out with their own brand o' NEW MUSIC...its much easier to get inside th'toons 'n hear a band thats got some roots in mid60's dance club r'n'b 'n is progressin without bein in full knowledge o' their accomplishments so th' whole thang is in transgression from one style to another inna fluid sence, it goes where it goes because it does, not cos its been thought out in advance, this is avant garde for th' POP generation...this mono disk is like livin floydian summers for th' first time, a time to be cherish'd when hope was in abundance waitin to be channelled into a brave new world...


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Nice post Spaced-really appreciate it!

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