...this isa kinda progrock effort from 68 but th' tunes 're two three minits each 'n not 20minits stretchathons...these cats came outta music college at just th' right time, just as th' noise o' youth was gettin wigged out in all directions...acidrock/psychpop/artpop 'n to a small degree jazzrock were all gainin some headway in markets from headshops to chain stores across th' land...this first wax (on th' then magnificent elektra label) has all th' elements from th' afore mention'd styles all rolled together into a psychodelikchambergroup with horns...on a coupla trx th' sound o' autosalvage comes thru which may make a few heads groove that little bit xtra...cats who aint had th' privilege o' bein down with this disk back in th' day may need to play this a coupla times before gettin with th' lobe massage...


Anonymous Raskolnikov said...

Hi dear spacedsaviour,

first of all, thanks for your excellent blog, your great shares, your "pidgin" sense of humour (btw, I don't understand everything, as a non native english speaker, but it sounds great anyway...)

I just have a little request for you: you should try to use a "mirroring" site to upload your files, like or, because with only RS, it's really challenging to download so many gems...

It also discourages the "agents o' oppression" and other deleters' fascist activities. And those "mirrorers" upload to RS as well so, unless you have a premium account with RS, it's all benefits for you and us dedicated music lovers.

Keep on rockin'


4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Spaced....let's give this a go....

3:38 AM  

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