...nowadaze th' remix kulture has been used by th' bean counters to hopefully prize wedge outta th' roobes who 'think' they're gettin th' goods when th' original aint no use to no-one 'n th' reconfigured is o' even less value...shaftin th' roobes aint no stranger to th' rock'n'roll bizniz but this 71 wax isza nice addition to harrys early efforts, remix or not... songs from both elpees are tampered with to give new sonix to some ol'faves, whether it be new vocals or just a general tomfool'ry height'nin 'n less'nin, slowin/speedin as seen appro. that afternoon(coupla curveballs to keep cats diggin)...could been seen as a stopgap by cats with'n unkind/realistic nature 'r just a cool groove for when such thangs 're needed...


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