...produced by late 60s hep producer from LA,th'one'n only lou adler put together this gospel version o' bobs songs...its obviously some kinda exploito wax'n th'timein was right ('70) for gospel which was 'hot' in th'minds o' normal citizens due to th'ed hawkins singers gettin popchart action,but wrong for gettin full mileage from th'zimms name which was slippin with each passin month(due in no small part to bobs wish to not be spokesman for unknowed thousands who needed to think for themselves)...some well cool session singers crop up here includin clydie king/merry clayton/oma drake'n a well spiffin groove is laid down...toons from all periods o' bobs then first decade spannin catalog're given a spirit raisin vibe that is my-tee-nice,brothah,my-tee-nice...


Blogger Steve said...


I was wondering if you could re-upload 'The Brothers & Sisters' LP- I'm really curious to hear this.

Thanks for the great blog.

7:53 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

all fixed,enjoy...

3:18 AM  

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