Sunday th' turn o' th' 70s/80s merseyside was awash with acid 'n to go with this mind alterin climate a lotta ol' west coast elpees were given a dustin off 'n great swaths o' deadness/doors/airplane/wcpaeb were permeatin th' ether once' early combos from this liverscene (teardrops/echo/wah!) all showed they'd got th' new psychodelik bug with nods to these earlier generation o' mind xplorers in th' first gigs 'n tapes 'n th' pale fountains weren't no xception to this wigged rule...their take on west coast acid noodlin was slightly different tho' with lashins o' arthurly loveness piled high with dollops o' grooviness from A&Mrecords M.O.R catalog 'n it works real well (as it had o' course for loves forever changes)...sunshine pop from industrial wastelands 'n unemployment Qs for th' next NOW generation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for PaleFountains - hmm .. t'was one of my favorite records in '84 (very long time ago).
Today it sounds a bit lush ... but it's still a classic of it's time.
Very nice.
Thanks and keepin'on!

3:26 PM  

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