...when this joint dropped in ol' london towne hep cats 'n music biz snobs alike thought some sorta second comin had was this blued-eyed funky gospel groovin/hornrock attack with a rocknroll heart that sounded unlike most thangs th' underground dwellers were list'nin was all part o' th' basement tapes/get back phenomenon that was takin a strong hold on th' forward thinkin' acid/psych daze were in th' past, th' befuddled hallucinations left in th' back alleys o' yesterday, a new 'keepin it real' had arrived...honesty had begun to make a re-appearance(accordin to th' hype o' th' day-legend has it that this elpee was th' first rockband to get advertised on th' london subway system)'n this rnb stew was a product o' said integrity...theres some myT-fine shoutin 'n ballad 'n rockin goin on here, a brilliant dixie gumbo o' righteous hotcha grooves 'n goodtime vibes...


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