Sunday th' summer o' 65 these frisco beatnix were ensconsed at th' red dog saloon in nevada some fair few miles from their home town 'n as such they slightly missed out on th' beginnins o' hippee th' red dog they were gobblin acid 'n hittin up th' reefer 'n havin a high ol'time but this was too far from frisco to merit inclusion in th' newly formin hierarchy 'n by th' time they got back on th' local scene they were viewed as interlopers 'n behind th' times...this disk isza very nice compilation o' early demo trx that have been out 'n about for th' last 3decades but th' sound here is really good 'n slices into th' years like knife thru butter, list'nin to this is like bein there over forty years back...this 'n th' mother mccree disc are terrific places to start diggin th' frisco beat when it was ol' fashioned 20s pop'n hokum, mind manglin but not psychodelik...


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