...two cats goin by th' name IT 'n ALL (aka tony 'n jim)get bizzee grindin 'n poundin intense slow motion riffs into 'n ugly slurpy mess...blurry sound fx 'n lost tormented vocals stretched to limits o' impossibilities...thunderous noise o' a collapsin universe sinkin into th' void where untold agony lurks in patient wait...in many ways this is progrock when all th' parts are added together, maybe not in th' accepted college prog sense o' sissy vocals 'n bland technicalities but when it came to rearrangin th' sound this is well progged out 'n thats a fact...a reissue o' their first demo from '90 with 'n xtra trk tacked on th' end...under th' right conditions this isza trip to th' dark side...


Anonymous kevinass said...

thanks.......i love these guys and never see em on blogs.......awesome

4:13 PM  

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