...mid seventees underground rock art attack from nowheresville...mixin up th' past decade o' sounds'n influence debris managed in two sessions lastin less than 7hours to cobble together mind meltin swill from th' other side o' th' galaxy...twisted wig liftin vibrations hammer'd home by a trio o' diseased individuals whose only thoughts were to make some noise that they could enjoy if'n no-one else would...cats with th' sharp ear will hear at differin times such luminaries as wildman larry/canterbury prog/amonduul/hawkwind/david peel all shot into a giant psychodelik blender 'n spew'd out onto a mis-shapen'd aural canvas that is frayed at th' edge 'n soaked in peyote juice...layabouts diggin this're recommended not to operate machinery for at least 12hours after...


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