Sunday'last in darkthrones original black metal triptych which sees them riffin 'n growlin over th'clatterin o' cheapo cheapo soundin drums...trance inducin minimalism is th'order o'th'day with th'distortion turned up 'n then buried in th'murk...not as chaotic as some black metal from back in th'day, but it doesn't have any jazzy clever geetar techniques that came to ruin th'pure necro metal sound with th' later combos...along with mayhem 'n vlad tepes this is one o' th' greats in a limited field...for such a seeminly simplistic noise its very difficult to get th''correct' sound'n feel as laid down by euronymous 'n dead in th' late 80s but this goes a long way in gettin th' feel...


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