...whilst th'cats over at sun were debatin th'wiseness o' lettin elvis go, meteor records got down to th'serious bizniz o' findin a replacement'n hopefully score some gold...every chancer hillbilly'n wide eyed rockabilly turned up to get their few minits in th''sun' 'n some even managed to get a platter or two out into th'market place'n get some o' that newly minted teenage geetus...naturally there wasn't another king in waitin but there sure were some funky hillbillys'n solid gone dads paradin their toons'n really there aint any bad trx appearin, all are a stone groove, some better than others but nothin to slow th'proceedins'n make a cat get all squared out...list'nin to this its obvious there was a lotta hep cats'n kittens down memphis way back in th'day, musta been somethang in th'water('n whiskey)...fiddle scrapin'n tailfeather shakin is th'order o'th'day on this double disk blowout...


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